Omega Church Demo

Omega Church Demo

Omega Church is a comprehensive adminstration software designed for churches
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Omega Church is a comprehensive adminstration software package designed for use in churches of any size or denomination. Omega helps you keep track of contacts, families, relationships, donations, funds, gift aid, involvements, categories, pastoral visitations and much, much more! And rest assured, Omega's fund accounting system will easily cope with all the requirements of new UK charities legislation.

Powerful and yet easy to use, with a handy summary screen and user-friendly interface, Omega Church software is designed to ease the burden of church adminstration.

Its comprehensive Membership database is central, ensuring all information added here feeds through to the rest of the program and vice versa - no need for time-consuming duplication!

There are dedicated modules for Income Recording, Gift Aid, Accounts, Pastoral, Organisations and Reporting. Find out more about Omega Church's many features by clicking on the diagram.

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